Open mic session @ George and Dragon organised by Jodie Munday and Michael Gates. Always a good jam.

Here's a couple of videos I made for a competition. Borrowed my Dad's Brewery for this.
This video was recorded by Robin Phillips, singer/bandleader/producer with Repmusic. In this session we recorded 3 cover demo recordings back in June this year. Working with a professional like Robin was a privilege. From start to finish he made me feel at ease, the set up was efficient and his production style was relaxed which meant I could just concentrate on my performance. As a massive bonus he recorded this video which you can watch here. Information on Robin's services can be found at
This video was recorded in 2006 on spanish television during the 'Jazzaldia' Festival in San Sebastien which attracted thousands over the course of a weekend. I was performing with Jazz Jamaica following my appearance on thier album 'Motor City Roots' in 2005. I spent 2 years touring with them all over Europe and learnt so many valuable skills as a live performer. This is what I love.